Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 15

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 15

1. When you pass through a slum area, you feel
A. slums should never be allowed near cities, as they spread dirt and crime
B. slums should be far away from cities and should be ignored by us
C. people who stay in slums are also a part of our society and we must do our bit to improve their lot
D. our Government is not doing enough to improve conditions of living in such areas

2. If one of your close friends does not look after his old parents who stay with him, you Would
A. feel that old people have got to live on their own
B. feel that it may not be possible for your friend to do the needful for his parents due to certain problems
C. tell your friend strongly that what he is doing is not quite correct
D. like to tell your friend casually about this issue

3. You prefer to work in the service sector as
A. you think the job is well paid
B. you feel it is a prestigious job
C. you really’ like the job content
D. there is plenty of leisure time at your disposal

4. In your opinion, you consider a person as a good friend if
A. he praises you most of the time
B. he lends you money often
C. he helps you under adverse circumstances
D. he mostly remains with you

5. In case your company switches over to a new technology for modernization, you would
A. make arrangements to train the entire staff as per the new requirement
B. remove all the staff who are not familiar with the new technology
C. get rid of some employees whom you think are surplus
D. try to adjust some employees at other places in the company whom you feel are surplus

6. Some of your friends drink and they also ask you to join them in their drinking sessions, you would
A. love to join them and drink
B. get angry and tell them you would never do it
C. tell them that drinking is injurious to health
D. inform them about all the ill effects of drinking and why you hate to drink

7. Your boss has just retired and a new boss has just taken over, you
A. tell the new boss how good your, old boss was and that nobody can be so good
B. extend him a warm welcome and observe his conduct
C. would go around him to please him since you know he will be of some help to you in future
D. will ignore him altogether

8. You prefer your friends who
A. are smart and clever
B. always praise you
C. are sincere and thoughtful
D. are well mannered and polite

9. While working in your office/factory, if a fault of your co-worker puts you in trouble and causes embarrassment to you, you would
A. pick up a big fight with him and tell him never to make such a mistake in future
B. inform your superiors immediately
C. tackle the problem with patience and tell him about the problem at a later date
D. feel terribly upset and tell him nothing about it

10. While getting ready to go to office, you slip in your bathroom and sustain a minor injury on our hand, you would A. inform your boss that you are badly hurt and cannot come to office
B. feel that it is not quite essential, to go to office under such circumstances
C. go to office to finish the pending work or to deal with immediate problems only
D. feel that somebody will attend to your work and you need not bother about it

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 14

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 14

1. In case, some known-person logically criticizes some of your actions, you will consider him
A. an opponent
B. a person who lacks manners
C. a well-wisher
D. someone who should be ignored

2. People who know you think, that you are
A. honest and rigid
B. helpful and friendly
C. self centred and secluded
D. bad tempered and selfish

3. If you happen to witness a accident, you would
A. avoid the scene of accident at any cost
B. try and help the injured and inform the police
C. tell others on the road to help
D. think why people are so careless as to meet with accidents

4. When you see a handicapped person on the road, you think
A. such people are a burden on society
B. you should try and avoid any contact with such persons
C. such people are a part of every society in the world
D. you must do your bit to help such people

5. While working in a hotel if you come across a customer who tries to Misbehave with you would
A. keep your cool and tell him/her that you would do your best to help them out
B. tell him/her that they have no business to misbehave in that fashion
C. inform your superiors accordingly and wait for their instructions
D. call the police and report the matter to

6. Generally speaking, you feel that medical facilities in rural India are
A. more than adequate
B. fairly inadequate
C. what our people deserve
D. just about sufficient

7. It has been reported that India has eradicated polio for the past three consecutive years. You feel
A. it should have happened 10 yrs back
B. it is a great achievement for our nation
C. it is satisfying for the country
D. people of the country do not deserve this

8. Which of the following qualities of a person attracts you the most?
A. Mental abilities
B. Good looks
C. Compassion
D. Self confidence

9. According to you, what should a poor man do?
A. Try to forget his poverty and live life as such
B. Curse his luck everyday
C. Put in more work to earn more money
D. Earn money adopting any means

10. When you hear the news of a soldier getting killed on the borders, you feel
A. he is paid by the Government to die for the country
B. it is a part of his duty to sacrifice his life
C. such soldiers must be honoured by us
D. all of us must do something for our country

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 13

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 13

1. Which of the following do you consider as the most significant personality attribute to work in the service’ sector?
A. Being responsible
B. Withdrawn and keeping to himself/herself
C. Keen to help and be social
D. High academic achievements

2. According to you, what should you do to control the ill-effects of stress of modern day life?
A. Diet control
B. Sufficient relaxation and rest
C. Physical exercise
D. All of these

3. If you wish to be friendly with some person, how much time would you take to open up to him?
A. Do not open up easily and keep hesitating
B. Do not feel like opening up for quite some time
C. Take a bit of time but open up thereafter
D. Tend to open up rather quickly

4. Your good friend misbehaves with you due to a misunderstanding, you would
A. misbehave with him also
B. first try to clear the misunderstanding
C. avoid meeting him thereafter
D. wait for him to come to you to clear the misunderstanding

5. Which of the following do you think is the most admirable quality of a person?
A. Friendly nature
B. Sincerity
C. Hard working nature
D. Pleasant manners

6. According to you, to execute routine jobs of life, a person needs to be
A. highly overconfident
B. slightly overconfident
C. confident of himself
D. under confident of himself

7. In case you are required to arrive at a decision on behalf of a team of people, you should
A. wait for others to take a decision
B. take a decision yourself and subsequently inform others
C. find some means to take others opinion and then decide
D. impose your ideas on other members of the team

8. Your father happens to suffer from a heart attack, when you are alone at home, you would
A. ask for neighbour’s help
B. feel extremely nervous and panicky
C. call your brother, who is staying 2 km away
D. take your father to the nearest hospital or call a doctor

9. As per you, an effective leader of a team, should
A. function according to his/her own style and need not bother about others’ opinions
B. always give candid remain firm
C. go always by what others say or suggest
D. listen to others and then act according to the situation

10. Generally speaking, while facing a difficult problem or a situation, you
A. tend to become somewhat disappointed
B. become less efficient
C. like to acquire more self confidence
D. ask others to help you out

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 12

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 12

1. When you are taking part in a team work, you tend to
A. avoid such activities
B. be fairly assertive
C. cooperate with team members
D. help others while looking after your interests as well

2. In case your boss does not give you a good assessment, as you thought he would, you would
A. confront the boss and pick up an argument
B. feel terribly upset
C. try and improve your performance
D. start ignoring your boss thereafter

3. According to you, which of the following is the most significant method to bring about some changes in the behavior pattern of your subordinates?
A. Offer detailed suggestions/advice
B. Removal from the existing place of work
C. Hold a comprehensive discussion
D. Ignore the subordinate altogether

4. In your routine life, to which of the following do you give greater emphasis?
A. Maintaining your principles of morality and idealism
B. Resolving your personal issues
C. Helping others to solve their problems
D. Assisting your family members

5. In case you are not earning adequate money for your family, you would
A. adopt any means to earn more money
B. try to ignore the need to earn more money
C. borrow money from friends to meet the need.
D. plan to work harder to earn more

6. On being allotted a time-bound project, you feel
A. highly stressed out
B. confident/capable of solving the problem
C. this kind of stress is quite uncalled for
D. you are likely to make a lot of mistakes

7. Having adequate social relations means to you that you have how many close-friends?
A. A very large number
B. Around 10 or 20
C. Only a few
D. May not be any one

8. According to you, in the service sector, reservation should depend upon
A. social backwardness
B. economic status
C. gender
D. religion

9. While expressing your views on an important subject, you
A. want to avoid expressing your opinion
B. convey a truthful answer but in a diplomatic way
C. express what comes to your mind at the spur of the moment
D. look for opinions expressed by other people and then speak

10. As per your opinion, which of the following do you find most attractive?
A. Taking calculated risks
B. Living under secured conditions
C. Staying with luxuries of life
D. Avoiding taking any kind of risks



Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 11

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 11

1. According to the dictionary, the word `hospitality’ implies, friendly and generous reception of
A. guests
B. stranger’s
C. new ideas
D. All these

2. To work efficiently n’ the service sector; you should be
A. decisive or quick in decision making
B. extremely courteous
C. firm in your ideas
D. punctual

3. If you happen to meet a very demanding customer, you should
A. tell him that it is impossible to meet all his demands
B. inform him that you cannot do much for him
C. tell him that you would refer his issues to your seniors
D. try to resolve his issues to the best of your ability

4. To become a good executive in the service sector, you should have
A. reasonably good organizing abilities
B. a good academic background
C. polite mannerisms
D. an ability to control your staff

5. In the society, you want to be known as a
A. fairly extrovert person
B. truthful and wise man/woman
C. self-centred individual
D. strong and healthy person

6. On being assigned a new project, you
A. tend to hesitate before starting
B. plan sufficiently prior to starting
C. jump on it with much vigour
D. tend to decline the offer

7. If your job requires you to travel to different places, you
A. would refuse the job
B. seek others help
C. ask your seniors
D. make out a strategy to meet the job requirement

8. While coping with difficult circumstances, you
A. focus more carefully on the task at hand
B. tend to give up and feel helpless
C. maintain your cool, but work slowly
D. lose self confidence

9. When handling maximum transactions during your work schedule, you
A. feel totally tired
B. get fed up with your work content
C. want to collect yourself to deal with the work
D. continue to remain active

10. Which of the following do you consider as most significant in your life?
A. Name and popularity
B. Wealth and prosperity
C. Luxurious life pattern
D. Respect in society

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 10

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 10

1. What will be your response to an angry customer who wants to see the senior manager with a complaint?
A. You would be patient and try to cool him down.
B. Tell him it is very difficult to see the manager.
C. Talk to him yourself.
D. Try to solve his problem by consulting seniors.

2. If you are transferred to a place you do not like, you would
A. forget about your choice and work whole-heartedly.
B. try your best to get transferred to your favourite place.
C. not take interest in work.
D. take long leave.

3. The responsibility of hospitality of the guest or looking after their smooth and enjoyable stay in a hotel lies on the shoulders• of
A. General Manager
B. Guest Relations Executive
C. Floor Supervisor
D. Front Office Manager

4. If on a tough day, you are the only person available to handle the customer, you should
A. just do your part of the work.
B. try and work to the’ maximum of your ability to satisfy customers.
C. take leave and go back home.
D. ask for additional help from the boss.

5. You see some smoke coming out of the building of your office and come to know that there is fire somewhere. First of all you would
A. go out of the building without considering the consequences thereof.
B. make a noise and inform all.
C. phone the fire brigade in no time.
D. first use the fire-fighting equipment or do something else .to extinguish the fire.

6. Public dealings require
A. quick decisions
B. good listening
C. politeness
D. punctuality

7. Which of the following statements reflects your opinion about yourself?
A. I am not certain of my self-confidence.
B. am even today as confident as before.
C. My self-confidence is declining day-by-day.
D. I have never been self-confident at all.

8. You are perplexed and find yourself in a fix when you are asked to
A. speak something from the stage.
B. do as others do.
C. listen and argue.
D. be among strangers.

9. What would you do if you get ate in the morning due to bus timings?
A. Let it be as it is.
B. Take the consent of management.
C. Do not do anything.
D. Make some alternative arrangement.

10. If you are wrongly accused of something, you would
A. not even try to rebut the accusation, as it would be of no use.
B. be able to convince innocence easily.
C. try to convince others, but without any hope of doing so.
D. try your best to convince others and hope that you succeed.




Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 9

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 9

1. You are listening to loud music on your birthday night; your neighbour who has her exam tomorrow, comes to you to request you to slow down the volume. You
A. ask her to go to someone else’s place to study.
B. tell her that you will slow down the volume but you don’t do it.
C. turn off the music.
D. turn off the music and ask her if there is something that you can teach her for tomorrow’s exam or may he clear any doubts that she has.

2. If you happen to be in a, bus which meets with an accident you would
A. ask and motivate others to help out people who are hurt.
B. try and get ‘away from the scene at the earliest.
C. extend physical help to people who need such help.
D. inform district authorities and police.

3. While you are away on a holiday, you have some a theft in your house and you lose jewellery and cash, you would A. plan to shift to another house.
B. feel absolutely devastated and go into a depression.
C. be more security conscious and try and forget it.
D. blame your neighbours and have a fight with them.

4. Being a member of team while reaching a decision, you would
A. let others decide.
B. take a decision and inform others.
C. consult others and then decide.
D. let the matter be pending and later impose your decision.

5. To work efficiently and effectually in a service industry, which of the following you think is the most essential ability/quality?
A. being responsible.
B. being an introvert.
C. being helpful and outgoing.
D. being highly academically qualified.

6. One of your team members generally behaves in a selfish and clever manner quite often, you will
A. tell him about it in front of everyone.
B. tell him that this is not the way to behave.
C. counsel him separately after taking him into confidence.
D. ignore him as a member of the team.

7. A lot of the products of your company are defective but you come to know about it only after the products have been sold and customers start complaining of it. You would
A. issue a general information to all regarding defects in the product and advise them to get it exchanged for a defect-free product from the outlet.
B. ignore the complaints.
C. blame the customers for complaints.
D. do nothing.

8. If you want to computerize your office to make it more and more efficient and modern, you would
A. get rid of the old staff and arrange new staff who are well-versed in operating computers.
B. get the whole staff trained accordingly.
C. expel some of the employees due to surplus workers.
D. adjust the surplus workers at some other place for which they are fit.

9. What is the best quality in a person?
A. Ability to please others
B. Ability to work hard
C. Sincerity
D. Cordiality

10. Whenever you do some work you commit a lot of errors and mistakes which are always noticed by someone. You then
A. get irritated about your own-self.
B. curse your fate and get angry easily on the other person.
C. try to keep quiet at that moment and wait for the opportunity to find fault in other person.
D. decide that to err is human.




Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 8

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 8

1. After exiting your room in your house. You
A. switch off all the electrical appliances that are not required.
B. leave the lights and fans as they were.
C. expect someone else to do this for you.
D. forget to do these things but follow whenever you remember.

2. In your house you
A. keep littering here and there expecting others to clean it.
B. keep your things properly and don’t care for others.
C. arrange everything and try to maintain hygiene everywhere.
D. make such a mess making life of others miserable too.

3. There is plenty of rain clogging in your society creating problems in communication. You would
A. face the difficulty every day without complaining.
B. report the matter in office.
C. gather people and problem yourself.
D. motivate other people problem.

4. During summers, on a very sunny day, you come across a poor person who is very thirsty and dehydrated. You
A. You buy him some water and juice from the market.
B. You tell him to stay at home when the weather is so hot.
C. You ask him to go to a dharmshala for help.
D. You buy him juice and ask him to pay.

5. While, watching a movie in a theatre, a small starts crying.
A. You yell at his/her parents for disturbing you in between the movie.
B. You try to ignore but instead pass comments on the child.
C. You ask their parents humbly to take their child out of the theatre.
D. You ask their parents if everything is ok with the child and if there is any help you can give to them.

6. While buying ticket in a bus, the conductor asks for change since you gave a large amount of note, you
A. shout at him, that he should have change and won’t buy the ticket.
B. ask him to give you the ticket, keep the money and give change when he gets it.
C. get down from the bus and wait for the next one.
D. keep looking at other passengers until someone offers you change.

7. While standing in a queue at railway station, you see an illiterate person at the counter filling the form for a ticket. You
A. tell him to move out of the line and fill the form as you are in hurry.
B. tell him to go back from where he came, since he does not know even how to fill a form.
C. go and offer him help in filling the form and buying the ticket.
D. ask the attendant at the counter to help him to fill the form.

8. In a park, you see two boys fighting and beating each other. You
A. go and start beating both of them.
B. ignore and walk away.
C. tell other people in the park that the fight should be stopped.
D. go to them ‘and ask them politely to stop fighting and resolve the issue by talking and discussing.

9. While eating at a restaurant, you are left with food. You
A. leave the food there as it is.
B. eat all of it even though you are not able to, which might result in bad health for you.
C. ask them to pack it so that you can have it with your next meal.
D. ask them to pack it so that you can give it to anyone who is in need of food.

10. In the hostel after taking a bath, you remember that you left the geyser ON. You
A. go back to the hostel to turn it OFF.
B. ask your friends in the hostel to switch it off.
C. ignore, thinking that it is not your concern.
D. do it again deliberately.



Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 7

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 7

1. You are talking on your phone while travelling in a public transport while your co-passengers are getting disturbed. You
A. will start fighting.
B. would ask them to mind their own business.
C. would continue talking on your phone and ignore them.
D. would hang up and apologize.

2. While doing a transaction with a shopkeeper, he accidently returned you more amount than he was supposed to. You realize this when you get back home. You
A. won’t tell him and keep the extra amount.
B. keep the money thinking you .got lucky.
C. return the extra amount immediately telling that he made a mistake.
D. keep the money thinking that you will return it later.

3. A foreign tourist approaches you for some help but you don’t share any common language. You
A. would waive him off telling that you don’t understand his language.
B. would try and arrange a translator in order to help him.
C. try and help him as much as you could using sign language.
D. try making fun of him

4. One of your friends is in distress and needs some financial help but is too shy to ask. You.
A, will go to him and help him saying he can return the money whenever he can.
B. will cash this chance to make fun of him.
C. would wait for him to ask for your help.
D. do not intend to help him.

5. There are some bad characters influencing the living conditions of people in your community. You
A. will gather people around you and oppose them.
B. ‘will manage with the condition.
C. would wait for some help from others.
D. would leave the community.

6. There has been a death in a family in your community. At the same time some other family is planning a celebration. You, being the representative of your community
A. will ask the other family to delay the celebration.
B. won’t interrupt in the matter.
C. will ask members of the community to come together for the first family and then congratulate the other family but ask them to postpone their celebration.
D. will join the celebration as well.

7. There is a function in your close relation and they need your assistance. You
A. would tell them that you are too busy to help.
B. would help them with great enthusiasm.
C. would tell about this to other relatives and ask than to help.
D. will take it like a burden.

8. You have been sent on a visit to a rural area on a project to educate the local children. You
A. whole heartedly take part in the project and try to put in your maximum effort.
B. start complaining about the mismanagement.
C. show no enthusiasm but anyhow complete your project.
D. bailout of the project.

9. There is a function in your school/college and the management requests your participation but you are also busy with some other project. You
A. deny your participation saying you are too busy.
B. express your apologies and try to contribute as much as possible.
C. start feeling annoyed with such requests.
D. participate whole heartedly in the event and manage your project as well.

10. You see water running from a tap at any public place while no one is using it. You
A. walk away without bothering.
B. close the tap properly and ensure no water is wasted.
C. attract attention of other people toward it.
D. also leave the water funning after using taps.



Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 6

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 6

  1. While walking on the road, you find a man accidently dropping his wallet and walking away unaware, you will.
    A. pick up the wallet and hand it over to him.
    B. leave it as it is none of your business.
    C. shout out and tell him he has dropped his wallet.
    D. pick up the wallet and keep it with you as you found it.

  2. You have to go shopping while your friend calls you for help as he is ill. You will
    A. postpone your shopping and go to help your friend.
    B. ask him to call someone else.
    C. call another friend and ask him to help the ill friend.
    D. ask him to hang on while you return from your shopping.

  3. You finished your chocolate and now you can’t find any dustbin around to dispose of the wrapper. You
    A. will throw it .anywhere.
    B. keep it with you until you find a dustbin.
    C. find a heap of trash where other people are throwing their garbage and you do the same.
    D. try and stuff it in someone else’s luggage.

  4. A stranger comes to you asking about an address while you are waiting for someone. You will
    A. ask him to ask someone else.
    B. direct him casually without being too precise about the address.
    C. explain him properly and repeatedly until he understands the directions properly.
    D. tell him that you are not standing there to direct people.

  5. One of your friends arrives to your house unannounced while you are preparing to go out with your family. You
    A. would feel disappointed.
    B. are happy to see him and postpone your outing and welcome him.
    C. would welcome him but keep thinking how to get rid of him quickly.
    D. would tell him that you will see him later because you are going out right now.

  6. A guy slipped and fell in front of you while walking through the college corridor and your friends started laughing. You will
    A. join your friends in the laughter.
    B. add some comment to increase the fun.
    C. help him and ask your friends not to laugh.
    D. just sit and watch.

  7. One of your relatives invites you to visit them. Reaching there you find that he is not well and is unable to give. a proper welcome. You would
    A. get angry and return.
    B. stay there but feel disappointed.
    C. stay and help him.
    D. not react at all.

  8. You are getting late for a meeting and while driving, you witness an accident. You would
    A. ignore the meeting’ and help the injured.
    B. ignore it and rush for the meeting.
    C. try and ask someone else to help him.
    D. curse others for not helping and rush for the meeting.

  9. You are travelling in a train and one of your co-passengers is left on a platform while the train starts moving. You would
    A. not bother.
    B. look around waiting for someone to react.
    C. ask others to do something.
    D. get up and pull the chain

  10. While travelling in an airline, you ordered something and there is some delay in your request for which air hostess apologizes to you. You
    A. would not consider the apology.
    B. get angry and start fighting.
    C. would accept the apology and request them to process your request as quickly as possible.
    D. would get disappointed and say nothing.


Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 5

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 5

  1. Your company ask you to work in another department of company, which you do not like. You will
    A. perform most inefficiently to show your disgust.
    B. try to go back to your old department.
    C. start avoiding your work and ask for leave frequently.
    D. try to get used to the new work environment and adjust.

  2. In case, your colleagues tell you that you are often short tempered, you will
    A. listen to it but tell them that almost everybody loses his temper, so there is nothing serious about it.
    B. tell them to mind their own business and need not comment about others.
    C. take sportingly and look for some ways to control temper.
    D. argue with them and assert that they are wrong.

  3. While dealing with a customer who is very upset about some services provided by your hotel, which of the following you need most?
    A. Cleverness
    B. Politeness
    C. Logic
    D. Patience.

  4. You observe one of your close friends is often unfair with you. You will
    A. tell other friends about it.
    B. tell your friend how you feel and that this situation is not acceptable to you.
    C. continue to be friendly with him and let him realize his mistake.
    D. start avoiding meeting him.

  5. Your maid servant, who has been working for you for the past two years, now does not take her job so seriously and even replies you back. You will
    A. shout at her loudly and tell her that you would not tolerate all this.
    B. ask her to mend her ways sternly.
    C. talk to her and try to understand her problem and then act.
    D. remove her from the job immediately.

  6. One of your old friends wants to borrow 20,000 from you, you will
    A. tell him that you do not like anybody borrowing any money from you.
    B. make efforts not to interact with him any more.
    C. tell others that he is so poor in managing his finances.
    D. tell him to return the money before a stipulated time but give him money.

  7. In case you are allotted substantial additional work in your office, you would
    A. request your boss to provide you additional manpower.
    B. try and do your best to cope with the additional load of work.
    C. tell all others that your boss has been very unfair with you.
    D. tell your boss that you just cannot handle this much of work.

  8. While you are locking your flat to go somewhere, you will
    A. expect some family member to switch off all lights and fans.
    B. ask somebody younger to you to do it.
    C. personally ensure that it is done.
    D. think that this is none of your concern.

  9. When you are paying him money, the old rickshaw pullar requests you for little extra money than what you normally give, you would
    A. shout at him loudly and insult him for asking little extra money.
    B. not give him any money and ask him to do whatever he felt like.
    C. give him the extra bit of money without much fuss.
    D. tell him that you would only give him what you normally give and nothing extra.

  10. When some old and handicapped beggar approaches you begging for money, you think that
    A. we should not encourage begging at all costs.
    B. government should make provision for beggars so that they do not beg.
    C. begging must be declared an offence and beggars should be put in jails.
    D. you must help such people in whatever way you can and give some money or help.





Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 4

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 4

  1. You and your brother are staying in a joint family. Your brother wishes to stay .away from your parents. You will
    A. request your brother not to separate, as you both have to look after your parents in their old age.
    B. continue to stay with your parents even if your brother separates.
    C. ask some other close relatives to convince your brothers not to separate.
    D. opt yourself to stay separately before your brother separates.

  2. Which of the following is considered to be one of the most desirable quality for a person working in service sector?
    A. Good health
    B. Team work
    C. Helping attitude
    D. Patience

  3. While working as a teacher, you find one student is not able to cope with the lessons. You will
    A. take him to the Principal.
    B. tell his parents to deal with him.
    C. speak to him separately and find out his problem.
    D. punish him severely in front of the whole class.

  4. While travelling in a train, you observe a co-passenger drops a hundred rupee note. You will
    A. ignore the incident and mind your business.
    B. take the note and handover to the passenger who dropped it.
    C. keep the note in your pocket as if you had found it.
    D. make a noise and tell the passenger that he had dropped the note.

  5. While you are about to cross a major crossing, you notice a blind man struggling to cross the road. You will
    A. ask a young boy to help him cross the road.
    B. go and catch his hand and help him cross the road.
    C. curse the blind man and say why should he come to such busy roads.
    D. continue to go your way and ignore him.

  6. When you reach your home after your office in the evening, you find your immediate neighbour has parked his car in the slot earmarked for you. You will
    A. call him and shout at him to make him realize his mistake.
    B. call him and politely tell him that perhaps by mistake he has parked his car in your slot.
    C. park your car in such a way that he cannot take out his car.
    D. tell your other neighbours that how stupid is your immediate neighbour and that he has no manners.

  7. While you work sincerely in your office and deliver goods, your boss never appreciates your work. You will
    A. confront your boss and tell him in front of others that he is very unfair.
    B. stop working and look for another job.
    C. continue to work hard and perform your duty to show better results.
    D. meet him separately and tell him that you are doing your work to the best of your ability.

  8. Everyday morning when you leave your room for your office, you
    A. leave your room in a mess and go to office.
    B. tell your younger brother to arrange your room.
    C. always put all things at their right places..
    D. expect other family members to organize your room.

  9. You observe two of your neighbour’s are having a heated argument in front of your house. You will
    A. go to your immediate neighbour and ask him to intervene.
    B. tell your other neighbour’s how stupid are the people who are fighting.
    C. remain indoors and close your main door.
    D. go and ask them to cool down and resolve the matter in an amicable manner.

  10. In the market, you observe a boy is driving his car rashly and hits a poor labourer, who is going on his cycle. Subsequently, the boy starts hitting the labourer blaming hirh. You will
    A. start shouting and hitting the boy to save the labourer.
    B. ignore the accident and mind your business.
    C. stop the boy from hitting the labourer and ask him to pay some money to get his cycle repaired and arrange medical aid.
    D. also join the boy to abuse and humiliate the labourer.





Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 3

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 3

  1. After having a cup of coffee in a plastic disposable cup at the railway platform, you are unable to see a-dustbin around. You will
    A. leave It on the platform and move away.
    B. find a place where some muck is lying and throw the cup there.
    C. keep it with you till you find a dustbin nearby.
    D. throw it on the railway tracks.

  2. While you are rushing to your office, your immediate neighbour requests you to drop his cheque in the bank, which is located about 500 yards from your office. You will
    A. tell him that it may not be possible immediately, but you may do so in a day or two.
    B. take his cheque and drop during the lunch break.
    C. tell him that you are not there for these kind of jobs.
    D. frankly tell him that it won’t be possible for you to do so.

  3. When travelling in a train, one of your co-passengers suddenly realises that he has lost his purse and mobile phone. You will
    A. wait for other passengers to react.
    B. console him and offer some minor help that you can.
    C. ask him to take the help of other passengers.
    D. change your seat to avoid him.

  4. While you are having a walk on the road with your dog, suddenly your dog barks and injures a man on the road. You will
    A. tell the man that you have no control over your dog.
    B. tell the man that you are sorry.
    C. console the man and offer him to take him to the nearby hospital.
    D. try to run away from the scene.

  5. Your next door neighbour does not care for his old parents and constantly ignores them. You will
    A. tell other neighbours to do something and help the old parents.
    B. discuss this with other neighbours and try to find some way out.
    C. politely discuss the topic with the neighbour and offer your help as needed.
    D. not bother about it.

  6. While you are working as a manager in the house-keeping department of a 5-star hotel, one day one of your guests gets extremely angry and shouts at the staff for a minor lapse. You will
    A. inform him that mistakes can be made by anyone and there is no reason for him to behave like that.
    B. tell him to contact your boss and sort the matter out.
    C. apologise on behalf of the staff and make amends to satisfy him.
    D. tell the guest that you could shout louder than him and he must behave properly.

  7. While you are busy preparing yourself for a job interview after two days, your younger sister requests you to help her solve a maths question. You will
    A. ask her to contact some friends and seek their help.
    B. ask your mother to help her since you have no time to spare.
    C. while having your dinner, you will find sometimes and help her.
    D. bluntly tell her that it is just not possible for you to spare sometime for her.

  8. You are going to meet your friend in the evening when your neighbour calls to help ‘him as he is feeling unwell. You will
    A. request him to call somebody else.
    B. ask your another neighbour to help him.
    C. change your program to meet your friend and instead help the neighbour.
    D. ask him to wait till you return.

  9. You are travelling in a reserved compartment on a journey from Delhi to Lucknow, when an old man approaches you to help him as he had no reservation, but had to travel due to an emergency. You will
    A. ask him to request some other passenger to help him.
    B. request the rail authorities in the train to help him out.
    C. tell him that it is none of your business to accommodate him.
    D. agree to share your berth with the man, if needed.

  10. When your preparations for board exams of class 12 are in progress, one of your friends asks you to help him out solve a few questions. You will
    A. tell him that since you have to revise so much, you have no time.
    B. request him to check with some other friend and go to him.
    C. adjust your timing in such a way that you can also help him.
    D. avoid talking to him.





Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 2

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 2

  1. While shopping in a busy market, one 10 year old child approaches you and says that he is lost You will
    A. ask the child to approach somebody else, as you are busy.
    B. request some shopkeeper to help him, if he can.
    C. talk to the child and hand him over to the police.
    D. ignore him and continue your shopping.

  2. When you are having a walk along the sea-shore, you notice a man drowning and shouting for help. You will
    A. draw the attention of others and keep on walking.
    B. not like to get involved and continue your walk.
    C. go into the water to help him, as you know swimming.
    D. raise an alarm and request some other swimmer to help him.

  3. While walking on the road, you find an envelope which contains an Aadhar Card. You will
    A. leave the envelope there only and move on.
    B. post the Aadhar card to the address of its owner.
    C. give .the envelope to your friend and ask him to deal with it.
    D. curse the owner of the card and call him extremely careless.

  4. The office you own, has recently acquired a new software and some employees are not able to work with it efficiently. You will
    A. sack these employees and recruit trained persons.
    B. give them a short notice to get trained or leave the job.
    C. organise a short training program for these employees.
    D. accept some inefficiency and let them continue working.

  5. While receiving your salary, you discover that your employer has paid extra money. You will
    A. not give the money even after employer feels he has paid extra money to you.
    B. think that you are lucky and keep the money.
    C. return the money immediately to the employer.
    D. keep the money, but plan to return the money at a later date.

  6. While working as a manager in a hotel, you are informed that one of your guests has suddenly become very unwell. You would
    A. ask the guest to go to some doctor.
    B. call a doctor and send him to the guest.
    C. meet the guest and then urgently call the doctor and help the patient as required.
    D. ask your subordinate to deal with it and need not bother you.

  7. Truly speaking, who among the following do you admire most?
    A. Charles Shobhraj
    B. Kapil Dev
    C. Sooraj Pancholi
    D. Mother Teresa

  8. You are waiting at the bus-stop for your bus, when a passerby comes towards you and enquires about an address nearby. You will
    A. inform him bluntly that you are not there to guide everybody around.
    B. guide him generally in the direction only.
    C. try and explain the route patiently so that lie understands.
    D. tell him to ask somebody else about it.

  9. While you are working in your office, one colleague asks you to help him complete his urgent assignment. You will
    A. tell him that you are busy with your work and it was not feasible to help him also.
    B. quickly finish your work and help him as best as you can.
    C. tell him that could not he see that you were engrossed with your work.
    D. tell him that you would try and help him if possible.

  10. When waiting to board a train, you notice an old man struggling with his luggage. You will
    A. ask the old man to seek somebody’s help.
    B. wait for somebody else to come forward and help him.
    C. willingly go to him and help him with his luggage.
    D. look the other way and ignore him.





Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 1

Service Sector Aptitude for Hotel Management Practice Set 1

  1. While driving your car in the market, you inadvertently met with a minor accident involving a cyclist. You will
    A. angrily abuse the cyclist and tell him it was his fault.
    B. try and run away from the scene of the accident.
    C. help the cyclist get up and apologies for the mistake involving both of you.
    D. get out of your car and hit the cyclist and create a scene.

  2. When you observe a cluster of slums in the heart of a modern city, you feel
    A. there is absolutely no place for such poor people in a modern city.
    B. the government must give these poor people some alternative space and then shift them without force.
    C. these slums must be immediately removed forcibly and area cleared.
    D. these poor people should given a notice of one month to shift to some other place.

  3. While you are studying for your examination, your neighbors children make a lot of loud noise while playing and disturb you a great deal. You will
    A. ignore the whole thing and try to focus on your studies.
    B. tell other neighbors about these children and the fact they were such rowdy kids.
    C. go and shout at the children and threaten them that you will beat them if they make loud noise.
    D, go and request the parents of the children to stop them from making such disturbances.

  4. While you are walking in the park in front of your house, you observe there are very few good trees in the park. You will
    A. expect other residents to do something about it.
    B. plant some trees yourself and request others also to do the same.
    C. discuss the situation with other residents and plan some action.
    D. try and forget about it.

  5. While travelling in a bus, you drink a bottle of Coke and will then A.
    A. push the empty bottle under the luggage of a co-passenger.
    B. carry the bottle with you till you find a waste disposal place.
    C. throw the empty bottle on the road.
    D. look for some lonely place to throw the empty bottle.

  6. passenger not keeping too well and was looking for some help. You will
    A. ask other passenger to assist him as required.
    B. change your seat and avoid him.
    C. ask other passengers if somebody was a doctor and yourself assist him in whatever way you could.
    D. tell him that you were not a doctor so could not help him.

  7. While working as a primary school teacher, you find a poor student is not able to pay his tuition fee. You will
    A. take him to the Principal for strict action.
    B. speak to his parents and ask them to pay fee.
    C. find the reason for non-payment of fee and then personally help the boy, if needed.
    D. punish him severely in front of the whole class.

  8. When a new person joins your department in the office, you feel
    A. your boss should call you and introduce him to you.
    B. you should go and meet him and help him, if he needs any help.
    C. you must ignore him totally.
    D. he must come and introduce himself to you.

  9. Your driver, who has worked for you for more than 10 years honestly, wants to quit his job, you will
    A. pay him off immediately and ask him to leave.
    B. talk to him nicely and try to find his problem and then act.
    C. .ask him to leave by the month end.
    D. shout at him and call him a cheat.

  10. . In your office, one of your colleagues often takes credit for jobs that you have done, you will
    A. tell him bluntly that he is a dishonest man.
    B. inform your boss as to what kind of a man he is
    C. speak to him politely and tell him that such things do not help
    D. tell other colleagues about it to bring his image down.