NCHMCT JEE 2020: Application Form, Exam Date, Eligibility, Syllabus

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Exam Dates has been released. NCHMCT stands for National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (Society). NHMCT JEE 2020 is a national level exam conducted for students who wants to take admissions in 3 years B.Sc (HHA). From the year 2019, NHMCT JEE 2020 will be conducted by NTA (National Test Agency). NCHMCT was established in 1982. It will be an offline written exam (pen-paper based) both in English as well as Hindi Language. Read this article, to get the latest update about NCHCT JEE 2020 including dates, eligibility, pattern admit card, syllabus and much more.


NCHMCT JEE 2020 Exam Dates has been released. The examination will be conducted on 25th April 2020.


NCHMCT JEE 2020 Exam Dates

Some of the important events &  exams dates of NCHMCT JEE 2020 will be as follows:

Events Dates (Announced)
Application form starting as 1st January 2020
Last date of form submission 29th February 2020
Admit card release 1st April 2020
Exam Date 25th April 2020
Result Declaration 10th May 2020
Result Correction (if any) Last week of May 2020
Counselling Last week of May 2020

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Application Form

Check application details of NCHMCT JEE 2020 from below:

  • The forms will be filled only through online mode.
  • NCHMCT JEE 2020 applicarion form will be provided from 1st January 2020.
  • After registration, students will fill their personal & educational details and upload passport size photograph & signature with given instructions.
  • If the student has not given qualifying exam, he/she should check the “Appearing Box”
  • Students will have to register themselves before the due date.

Application Fee:

After form submission, students will submit the fee through online mode. The application fee for various categories are as follows:

  • For General & OBC – Rs. 800/-
  • For Reserved – Rs. 400/-

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Before filling the application form, Candidates must check the Eligibility Criteria for NCHMCT JEE 2020 which are as follows:-

  • Qualification: Candidate must have clear the secondary & senior secondary level exam with English as mandatory subject.
  • Age Limit: Upper age limit is 25 years (general/OBC) and 28 years for reserved categories as on 1st July 2020.
  • Appearing Candidates: Candidate who will be appearing in class 12th exam 2020 can also take the NCHMCT JEE entrance exam.
  • It is compulsory for candidate to clear in English subject in the 12th exams.
  • Medical: Candidate should have a certificate from a recognized medical practitioner to prove that they are physically fit.
  • Candidates qualified Intermediate or two year pre university examination conducted by recognized Institutions are also eligible.

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for NCHMCT JEE 2020 will be as follow:

  • Duration & Mode: NCHMCT JEE 2020 will be a written examination of 3 hours.
  • MediumHindi as well as English languages both.
  • No. & Type of Questions: NCHMCT will consist of 200 MCQ Questions along with 5 sections.
  • Marking Scheme: Each correct answer will carry one mark whereas negative marking of 0.25 marks will also be applicable.

NCHMCT JEE 2020 will consist of 200 MCQ questions in the below subjects:

Subjects No. Of Questions
Numerical ability &  Analytical aptitude 30
Reasoning & logical Deduction 30
GK & Current Affairs 30
English Language 60
Aptitude for service sector 50

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Syllabus

Students can study from official syllabus along with class 12th syllabus. Some important topics of the NCHMCT JEE Syllabus are mentioned below:

  • Numerical Ability & Analytical Aptitude.
  • Reasoning & Logical Deduction.
  • GK & Current Affairs.
  • English Language.
  • Aptitude for Service Sector.

NCHMCT JEE 2020 Preparation Tips

Some  preparation tips for NCHMCT JEE exam are mentioned below:

  • Candidates have to study in detail for every section.
  • GK & Current Affairs- Read good GK books & newspaper. Candidate can also go through information provided in internet.
  • Candidate can also go through previous year Question Papers of NCHMCT JEE to know the exam pattern.
  • English Language which includes good command in English and is mandatory.
  • Aptitude for service sector, for this section, student can go through previous years question papers.

Exam Centers:

NCHMCT JEE 2020 exam centers have not been declared yet but according to previous year could be as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Dehradun, Goa, Gurdaspur, Guwahati, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Jammu, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur , Patna, Puducherry, Pune, Raipur, Shillong, Shimla, Siliguri, Srinagar & Varanasi.

IBPS PO (Prelims) – Live Survey conducted on 07th & 08th Oct, 2017

Hello IBPS Aspirants…. Take a look on the experience shared by candidates who took the exams on 07th & 8th

October, 2017 IBPS Prelims.


It is a “MUST WATCH VIDEO” for the candidates who will be appearing for the exams on 14th & 15th October, 2017 to know the latest pattern.


1st time in C.G. a live survey conducted by FOOLS’ DEN.


Day 2 (Shift 3)

Day 2 (Shift 2)

Day 2 (Shift 1)

Day 1 (Exam Overview)

IBPS PO Prelims Day 1 – 07/10/2017 Memory Based Question Paper

The IBPS PO Exam has started from 7th October & will take place on 8th, 14th & 15 Oct 2017.

To keep you updated with the types of questions asked from each topic we are providing you IBPS PO Analysis of Day-1 (07/10/2017) of Prelims exam. Go through this video and make most of it.

All those who have to appear for the upcoming shifts can practice these questions get prepared for the IBPS PO Prelims exam.

Click link below to download Memory Based Paper of Day-1 (07 October 2017) IBPS PO Prelims.

IBPS PO Pre 07 Oct 2017 (Shift-1) Number Series

  1. 17, 98, 26, 89, 35, ?
    A) 80
    B) 85
    C) 76
    D) 99
    E) None of these

Option A
+81, -72, +63, -54, +45


  1. 7, 4.5, 5.5, 12, 49, ?
    A) 289
    B) 345
    C) 393
    D) 276
    E) 309

Option C
*0.5 + 1, *1 + 1, *2 + 2, *4 + 1, *8 + 1


  1. 2, 17, 89, 359, 1079, ?
    A) 2134
    B) 2159
    C) 2167
    D) 2155
    E) None of these

Option B
*6 + 5, *5 + 4, *4 + 3, *3 + 2, *2 + 1


  1. 3, 5, 15, 45, 113, ?
    A) 216
    B) 209
    C) 299
    D) 265
    E) 243

Option E
….1^3 + 1……2^3 + 2,……..3^3 +3……..


  1. 3240, 540, 108, 27, ?, 4.5
    A) 8
    B) 11
    C) 10
    D) 9
    E) 12

Option D
/6, /5, /4, /3, /2


How was your Exam? IBPS PO Pre (07th October 2017):

The IBPS PO Prelims exam is going to be over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help you know bits and parts of the exam. Share your IBPS PO Prelims exam review and know where you stand among thousands of aspirants who appeared for the exam. And if you remember any questions or the type, share it with us.
Your reviews will be propitious for the fellow readers and will help them build up their own strategies for the exam based on the reviews shared.
Kindly share these details:
  • The difficulty level of English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability.
  • The number of doable questions in the above sections.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 on 10th August 2017 (All shifts)

General Awareness
All SHIFTS (Based on Memory)
  1. National Emergency is defined under article?  352.
  2. Rekha the untold story book was written by? Yasser Usman
  3. Father of World Wide Web (WWW)? Tim Berners-Lee
  4. How many bits consist of an IP address? 32 bit
  5. Which vitamin is provided by Sun Rays? D
  6. What is Loss of electron is called? oxidation
  7. In India who has the right to appoint Governor? President 
  8.  Name of Ganga river in Bangladesh? Padma
  9. The Malacca Strait divides which two Islands? Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) and the South China Sea (Pacific Ocean)
  10. SI unit of Electric Current?  Ampere
  11. 18. Nephrons are part of which system? Kidney
  12. The latitudes that pass through Sikkim also passes through? Rajasthan
  13. Who was Anpadh Raja? – Akbar
  14.  Maratha state lies in between?
  15. S. Sai Praneeth related to which sport? Badminton
  16. Jan 2017 TPP exit country? USA
  17. Literal meaning of certiorari? To be Certified
  18. What is the product of Mass velocity called? momentum
  19. Which gas is released in the Bhopal gas tragedy? methyl isocyanate (MIC)
  20. One question related to Balance of Payment?
  21. Madhuri Dixit related to which dance?
  22. What is the minimum age for the governor? 35
  23. Which is the Ore of aluminium? Cryolite 
  24. Fundamentals duties are included in which part of the Constitution ?  Part IV–A
  25. My story book is written by which famous cricketer? Michael Clarke
  26. Acid rain consists of which of the following ? Nitrogen Dioxide
  27. Which of the followings is not a plant hormone?
  28. Who won nobel peace prize for 2016 ? Juan Manuel Santos
  29. Who won 2016 US opens men’s final Championship Trophy ?  Stan Wawrinka
  30. Which Blood group is Universal Acceptor ? AB
  31. President of India is a member of which house?  House of the People.
  32. Bardoli satyagraha was started by? Sardar Patel
  33.  An era of darkness book is writeen by? Shashi tharoor.
  34. Chemical formula of salt (Sodium Chloride) ? Nacl
  35. India has signed an agreement with which country regarding crude oil (petroleum)? UAE
  36. One question on Green house effect?
  37. State Emergency (President’s Rule) comes under which Article?  356
  38. Who received Sanjay Chopra Award in 2016 ? Arjun Singh
  39. What is 49th Parallel line? Border between USA and Canada
  40. Match the following type questions on – liberalisation globalisation and privatisation.
  41. What is the Full form of JPEG? Joint Photographic Experts Group
  42. What is Insulin ? Hormone (Protein)
  43. Madhuri Dixit associated with which dance form? Kathak
  44. “Gambit” is associated with which Sport? Chess
  45. One Question on microeconomics . ? Ans  Consumer Equilibrium
  46. One Question related to temples and corresponding countries? Srilanka: padmanabhaswamy temple
  47. Which country is not a member of SAARC ? China
  48. Directive principles of state policy
  49. What is Endothermic reaction? Reaction which absorbs heat
  50. Edible part of cinnamon? Bark 
  51. Question related to DAM
  52. Last layer of atmosphere? Exoshpehere
  53. Question about a Book written by Shashi Tharoor.
  54. One Question on Lord Cornwallis
  55. El nino effect on ocean currents ?
  56. Why surface of water tank seems up
  57. Which country build 500 houses for Jewish ? Israel


Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 on 9th August 2017 (All shifts)

Section wise SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 (Shift 1)

General Awareness

  1. In Rajasthan, Mirage is formed due to which effect – Refraction
  2. Who won the Indian of the year Award?  – Preeti Shenoy
  3. Who gave the Theory of Sovereignty?– Austin
  4. What is theory of equilibrium?
  5. ________ weakest bone in human body – Spinal cord
  6. 1 Qs related to Demand Draft.
  7. 1 Qs based on temple & God. You have find the correct option which matches the correct temple with God.  The Question was:
    Lingaraj Temple – Mahavira
    Venkateswara Temple – Shiva
    Tirthankara Temple – Vishnu
    Answer: The correct match is
    Lingaraj Temple – Shiva
    Venkateswara Temple – Vishnu
    Tirthankara Temple – Mahavira
  8. Arrange the following in the order events had taken place in Indian history (Ascending Order).
    i) Cabinet Mission ii) Non – Cooperation movement iii) Quit India Movement iv) Poona Pact
    Answer: The correct sequence is
    i) Non – Cooperation movement – 1920
    ii) Poona Pact – 24 Sep 1932
    iii) Quit India Movement – 8 Aug 1942
    iv) Cabinet Mission – 1946
  9. function of kidney – Extraction of waste from blood, balance body fluids, formation of urine.
  10. What is cyclone called in China?
  11. Amazon river flows through which country?
  12. Which king made the Konark temple ?
  13. Forest institute of India is in which state?
  14. ________ is the author of the book ‘Numbers do lie’?

English Language

  1. Cloze Test based on “Politician & Opposition Party”
  2. Active & Passive Voice – i) She teaches us English.
    ii) Rita asked meera will you help me in project just now?
  3. Sentence Improvement – The Government will take up new rail project. The options were:
    i) Take Off                  ii) Take in                             iii) Will take                              iv) No Error
  4. Para Jumble based on “Bureaucrats”.
  5. Synonyms of – Dodge, Nebulous
  6. Idioms – Spick and Span, Big Hand
  7. Misspelt word – Translucent, Blissful

General Intelligence and Reasoning

  1. Matrix – SCAM is a word given. Find it from the two matrix given in the exam.
  2. AGM : IOV :: BHN : ?
    Ans – JPW

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Data Interpretation – Based on Pie Chart
  2. Three Sphere having the radius 3 cm, 4 cm & 5 cm. These sphere were melted & a new sphere was formed. Find the difference percentage of volume of the old & new sphere.
  3. Reeta has 20% more salary than the Meena. Then by what % the salary of Meena is less than the Reeta.
  4. Difference between the compound interest of half year & simple interest of one year

Section wise SSC CGL Questions Asked 9th August 2017 (Shift 2)

General Awareness

  1. Who is the miss universe 2017? – Iris Mittenaere
  2. Bacteria was discovered by? – Leeuwenhoek
  3. First governor general of Bengal was? – Robert Clive
  4. Bug is a? – The software bug is a problem causing a program to crash or produce invalid output
  5. Blood pH is basic or acidic? – Basic
  6. India touches maximum borderline area of which country? – Bangladesh
  7. Deendayal Rasaoi yojana starts at first in which state? – Madhya Pradesh
  8. Which game is not played by ball?
  9. Executive head of our country?
  10. Monopoly market
  11. Property of electromagnet waves.
  12. Computer Virus.
  13. Friction Force.
  14. Books & Author.
  15. One Qs was based on Pradhan Mantri Deendayal Yojana

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 on 8th August 2017 (All shifts)

General Awareness
SHIFT I (Based on Memory)
  1. Winner of Oscar award 2017 for best Film ?  Moonlight.
  2. Citizen and society book is written by? Hamid Ansari
  3. Highest production of opium? Afghanistan
  4. Which Acid is present in Ant Sting? Formic Acid
  5. No of writs ? 5
  6. Cholera was discovered by? Filippo Pacini
  7. LAN Stands for ? Local area Network
  8. New Scheme of Indian Railways : Ans Vikalm Scheme
  9. Itai itai disease is caused by ? Cadmium
  10. Which State has longest coastline: Gujrat
  11. MOU signed between which countries for Water conversation in India ? India and Israel 
  12. Who built the Vijay Stambh? Rana Kumbha
  13. Who is the ex officio president of the Indian Parliamentary Group? Lok Sabha Speaker
  14. Match the following Questions on Mithali Raj, Lalita Babar, poonam rani ? Cricket, 3000m Race, Hockey respectively
  15. Xylem is Used to ? transport water from roots to shoots and leaves
  16. Five kingdom classification was given by.? Whittaker
  17. Monument Built by Rana Pratap Singh : Chittorgarh Fort
  18. Who said swaraj hamara janam sidh adhikar hai ? Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  19. Bud grows from which part of the plant? Branch
SHIFT II (Based on Memory)
  1. Who invented dynamite?: Alfred Nobel
  2. Todar mal was the finance minister of which mughal Emperor? Akhbar
  3. Schedule 4 of Indian Constitution is about? Allocation of Seats in Rajya Sabha
  4. Which Diseases is caused due to bite of Female Anopheles mosquito ? Malaria
  5. How many fundamental duties are there in Indian Constitution? 11
  6. Saffron is obtained from which part of plant?  Stigma
  7. Rovers cup is related to which sport ? Football
  8. At which place gravity is highest ? Poles
  9. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of? Iron
  10. Dronacharya Award awarding for swimming in 2016 ? S. Pradeep Kumar
  11. Maximum land Shared with country ? Bangladesh
  12. Neo malthusian principle related to? Resource Scarcity
  13. What is reduction? Gaining of an electron
  14. Humidity is measured by which device? hygrometer
  15. “Back to Vedas” slogan given by? Dayanand Saraswati
  16.  ____ transports water from roots to leaves in plants?  Xylem
  17. Which Metal is used in bulb? Tungsten (W)
  18. Author of Ace Against Odds Book: Sania Mirza
  19. Trees that lose all their leaves once a year are called? deciduous
  20. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? Speed
  21. Question related to primary, tertiary sector
  22. Entrepreneur scheme related question
  23. PNG, JPEG, GIF…
SHIFT III (Based on Memory)

  1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity? force, electric current, acceleration, velocity. : Electric current
  2. C++ is a : Programming language
  3. In which part of a body villi exist? Small Intestine
  4. Which living organism is segmented from head to tail? Annelida
  5. Most important source responsible for absorption of heat coming from sun and radiated by earth is?
  6. From which country India has taken the process of election of president? Ireland
  7. Discoverer of malaria causing germs? Charles louis alphonse laveran
  8. In which year, kyoto protocol came into force ? 1997
  9. Nobel prize in literature (2016) ? Bob Dylan
  10. Synapse is the gap between? Neuron and dendrite
  11. Which country has opened the world’s longest sea bridge? China
  12. Who is know for Hindu Muslim unity in Lucknow session?  Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  13. What are isobars? different elements with the same atomic weight
  14. what does quo warranto means? a writ requiring a person to show by what warrant an office  is held
  15. India recently celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations with which country? Israel
  16. All activities n decision making power of self help group is taken by?
    a) RBI, b) member of groups, c)RRB, d) NGO
  17. Question about Harsha Vardhan era…
  18. Question on architecture of Lucknow?
  19. Match the following question on grand prix…


Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 on 6th August 2017 (All shifts)

In this article, we’re sharing questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 on 05 Aug 2017 all shift. It will help them to understand exam pattern and difficulty level of questions asked in CGL Tier 1 Exam.

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 (6th August 2017)

Questions asked from General Awareness Section

  1. Who is the author of the book “My country my life”? – L.K. Advani
  2. What is the name of River Ganges in Bangladesh? – Padma
  3. The pacemaker is used for which organ in Human Body? – Heart
  4. Where do you find Masai Tribe? – Kenya
  5. What is Sepak Takraw? – Kick Volleyball (Sport in South East Asia)
  6. What is the name for Tsangpo River in India? – Brahmaputra
  7. What does S in BRICS stand for? – South Africa
  8. Rukmini Devi belongs to which dance -Bharatnatyam
  9. who discovered Bluetooth -Jaap Harrison
  10. Winner of Pulitzer award 2017? – Colson Whitehead
  11. Who won the 2015 Cricket World Cup? – Australia.
  12. CPI party was established in – 1925
  13. Which of the following State is not connected to Bhutan – Himachal Pradesh
  14. Which queen of Kakatia Dynasty ruled over South India –
  15. Who won Filmfare award 2016? –
  16. Who invented Vacuum Pump?
  17. Name of the state from which Gandhi started Kheda Movement – Gujarat
  18. Common name of Sodium Carbonate – Washing Soda
  19. Saurashtra Narmada Avatararan Irrigation Project – Gujarat
  20. Gandhi Peace Prize 2017 winner – Omar Barghouti
  21. How many % of the earth is covered with land? – 27%
  22. Spinach is rich in – Iron
  23. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment at- Bodhgaya
  24. Biggest Civilian Award of India – Bharat Ratna
  25. What does S stand for BRICS? – Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa.
  26. Who won the 2015 world cup? – Australia
  27. Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2017 – Kasinathuni Viswanath
  28. Neha Kakkar is related to – singing

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 on 5th August 2017 (All shifts)

In this article, we’re sharing questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 on 05 Aug 2017 all shift. It will help them to understand exam pattern and difficulty level of questions asked in CGL Tier 1 Exam.

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 (5th August 2017 – Shift 1)

Questions asked from General Awareness Section

  1. Unit of Work
    2. Minimum Age of Vice- President
    3. V.C  of NITI Ayog –  arvind panagaria
    4. Which Memory is stored permanently?
    5. Resistances of Ideal Ammeter and Ideal Voltmeter are
    6. Who is grandson of ashoka – Samrapati
    7. 2016 match btw india and england played in which stadium
    8. Reverse Repo rate
    9. The Cabinet Mission came to Indian in
    10. Under which Constitutional Article, President has the power to consult Supreme Court
    11. Who/which of the following can abolish a State Legislative Council.
    12. Sandstone is made from –
    13. Instrument to measure soil moisture tension
    14. Where Is the temple of bharava?
    15. One question on Military Exercise
    16. Author of the book Sellout – Paul Beaty
    17. Which dynasty came after tughlaq?
    18. Which Country is USA’s largest Military partner?
    19. Which of the following does not form smog?
    20. Pannalal Ghosh is belongs to which instrument? – Flute
    21. Who got poly umgigar award 3 times? – Virat Kohli
    22. Ekuverin Military exercise between India and ——
    23. Match the following: Artists and Instruments were given.
    24. inventor of Laser Printer – Gary Starkweather

Questions asked from Reasoning Section

  1. 4×5%3 = 8000, 6×2%2 = 144, then 4×3%3 = ??
  2. 101:10201 :: 107:?? Answer = 11449
  3. BAD = 7, NAM = 9
  4. Series: 3, 7, 16, 35, ?, 2

Questions asked from English Section

  1. One Word: which cannot be corrected – incorrigible, Scapegoat
    2. Cloze Test was related to the method of taking the lecture in class.
    3. Spelling Errors: Niece, Dictionary
    4. Synonyms: Opulent, Grotesque, Morose
    5. Antonyms: Melany & Irk
    6. Idioms and Phrases: teething problem, keep away wolf from the door

Questions asked from Quantitative Aptitude Section

  1. DI was related to year and the marks of subjects. (Five years from 2001 – 2005 was given)
  2. (X+1/X) is given; Find (X^6 + 1/X^6) = ?
  3. P × 3/4 = Q × 7/11 then what will be the ratio of P and Q?
  4. If (cos x)^2 – sin x =1/4, then find sin x?
  5. The marked Price of radio is Rs. 480/- The Shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and still gains 8%. If no. of discount is allowed. Find the gain percent.
  6. The Ratio of Income A, B, and C is 3:7:4 and the ratio of their expenditure 4:3:5 respectively. If A saves Rs. 300 out of 2400. Find the Savings of C.
  7. Diameter is 17.5 cm. If the diameter is reduced to half, the surface the area of a sphere is changed by what percent?
  8. A B and C can finish a work in 10, 12 and 15 days respectively. They start working together if B stops after 2 days, how long will it take for A & C to finish the remaining work?
  9. Two equal Circles intersect at A and B & distance between their centerss is 40 cm distance between A & B is 30 cm, then find the radius of circle.
  10. A vessel contains mixture of milk & water in which water concentration is 30%. If 20% water and 30% milk is taken out & replaced with equal quantity of water then quality of water increases by what % of the initial quantity of water in the mixture.
  11. Average of 19 no. 60, average of first 9 no. is 64 and average of last 9 no. is 56. Then find the 9th?
  12. By selling on article an article a certain price and 170% profit is earned if CP is increased by 20%, then what will be profit?
  13. Simple Interest at the rate of 5% of a sum of money at the end of 15 years is Rs. 250. Less than the sum. Find the Principal.
  14. A boat goes 30 km downstream and 18  upstream in 6 hour again it goes 40 downstream and 20 upstream in   Find the speed of boat?

Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2017 (Evening Shift)

Questions asked from General Awareness Section.

1. Nyayasutra book was written by?
2. First Viceroy of India?
3. Anaemia is caused due to deficiency of____.
4. Lavni folk dance belongs to state _______.
5. Which is the pacemaker of the Human body?
6. Mariana Trench is located in_____.
7. Masai tribe belongs to which country?
8. Why blackboards look black?
9. Haemoglobin is present in ____
10. Azad Bachpan Ki Aur (book) written by _______
11. How many players are in Polo?
12. Founder of X- Ray
13. Name of the medical scheme for APL families in Andhra Pradesh.
14. Sheikh Hasina is from which country?
15. Which is known as dry ice?
16. Which right is not cancelled during the emergency?
17. The viceroy who died in India.

SSC CGL Questions Asked 5th August 2nd Shift – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. X+1/x=✓13
  2. Questions on Concentric Circles and Chord
  3. The average of 3 consecutive Even Number is A.  5 Consecutive Even Numbers are added. What should be the new average more than A?
  4. If x+1/x = 4 then find x^6 + 1/x^6
    And x=2+√3/2-√3 then x +1/x is
    Trigo 1/(cosec© + cot©)² = ?

SSC CPO 2017 GK Questions

In this post we are updating all the General Knowledge question asked in CPO exam (all shift – Morning + evening). Questions are based on candidates feedback. If you feel that some question is asked and it is not there in the list then please comment and help us in adding that questions.

SSC CPO GK / GA Questions asked on Shift-2 (02- 07-2017) Day-2

  • What is the Maximum number of members in Rajya Sabha -250
  • Vice president is the ex officio chairman of – Rajya Sabha
  • Which protein is Found in Hair? – Keratin
  • Which Governor started the English Education in India? – Lord Macaule
  • Where is the high court of Andaman and Nicobar – Kolkata
  • First electric motor invented by?
  • By how many ways by one can avail citizen ship of India
  • Winter Olympics 2018 venue
  • Who won the Noble price in medicine ?
  • Chicory powder is obtained from ?
  • Which is used as a coolant in nuclear reactor ?
  • Red Indians belongs to
  • India and Cyprus signed how many agreement in April 2017?
  • Revenue expenditure – revenue earning= Budget deficient
  • Who appoints Governor ?
  • One Question was on UDAN scheme of aviation
  • Meaning of Marxism ?
  • Communicable disease – measles and TB
  • Fire extinguishers consists of which gases ?
  • Unit of resistance
  • Which substance is mercury pollutant
  • Multicasting in computer network –
  • Unit of energy in food ?

SSC CPO GK / GA Questions asked on Shift-1 (02- 07-2017) Day-2

  • Second war of Panipat was fought between ?
  • What is the minimum age required to become a Member of Rajya Sabha
  • Control Rod of a Nuclear plant is made up of?
  • Which one of the given animal is cold blooded?
  • When was the minimum Wage Act Implemented?
  • Who was the First Governer General of India/Bengal ?
  • Who was awarded Padma Vibhushan 2017 in art and music ?
  • Recently India Give Scholarship to Which Country ? Bangladesh
  • Gadar Movement ?
  • Who was the leader of Garam-Dal in INC ?
  • Which Materials are required to make Gunpowder ?
  • Vitamin C is mostly found in ?
  • Zero degree Latitude?
  • 5 Year Plan ?
  • All Souls festival?
  • How many times National emergency has been declared ?

GK Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam Shift-2 (01 July 2017)

  • Bile is stored and concentrated in ? – Gall Bladder
  • Who is the head of municipal corporation ?
  • National income of India was ärst calculated by whom?
  • Operation pawan in which two country ?? India+ Srilanka
  • Which is not appointed by president.- vice president
  • The concept of Heredity was given by?
  • who is known as the father of Zoology ? –
  • Chemical formula of Sodium Bicarbonate?
  • Chittaranjan integral coach factory was implemented in which äve year plan ?
  • When was the First Battle of Panipat fought?
  • Abhinav bharat was founded by
  • No of ecological hot spots in India?
  • Chabahar Port?
  • Champaran and Jalianwala bagh massacre
  • 64th Best movie award 2016?
  •  Article 1 ?
  • Which writ is issued by high court to a lower court ?
  • No of languages is official in our constitution?

General Knowledge Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam Shift-1 (1st July)

  • Sculpture in Indus Valley Civilization was found from which site ? – Mohenjodaro
  • Who founded Vikramshila University? – Dharamapala
  • Montreal protocol is related to- depletion of Qzone layer
  • Which Amendment reduced voting age 18 years from 21 years – 61st
  • Gas released from Supersonic Jet – CO, NO2 etc.
  • App launched by Power Ministry – Garv, Urja
  • Seat of president can remain vacant upto?
  • One question on KB-MB-GB conversion.
  • Nitin Thimmaiha is related to which sport ?
  • Inexhaustible energy in stars is due to?
  • Who was the president of england in 1947 ?
  • Who invented portland Cement ?
  • Max. Period of members of rajyasabha ?
  • Chlorine gas found in.? –
  • Which country is not an initial member of SAARC ?
  • Suez canal connect which two sea?
  • Which mountain divide Asia from Europe
  • State without international border : UP MP Bihar Punjab