1.)The problem with a formula-based approach (to evaluate      researchers for promotions (A.)/is that someone will  find a way (B.)/ to work around this.You just can’t avoid it until(C.) /the incentives for the practices are taken away,” he said(D.)/No error (E.)

2.) Two years ago, India was touted (A.)/by a rare bright spot (B.)/in a gloomy global economy(C.)/, with GDP growth outpacing a slowing China(D.)/No error (E.)

3.) Sectoral reasons and action points would be prepared(A.)/, sources said, adding that high level discussions (B.)/with Ministries such as the railways to assess the capital requirement(C.)/ for the year have been holding and more such meetings would follow(D.)/No error (E.)

4.) The Shiv Sena on Tuesday said the move to probing (A.)/ deposits of government employees post demonetisation(B.)/ is a mere eyewash and asked the (C.)/government to focus on basic questions./No error (E.)

5.) During the meeting, Mr. Gandhi expressed concern (A.)/on the inability of the government to create jobs in India,(B.)/ which he felt was leading(C.) the country towards a dangerous situation(D.)/No error (E)

6.) Mr. Gandhi is scheduled to address students (A.)/of the Princeton University in New Jersey(B.)/. Indian National Overseas Congress would host(C.)/a reception for him in New York on September 20(D.)/No error(E.)

7.) The content of another college magazine has kicked (A.)/up a row here with the authorities asking the student editor(B.)/ to remove what they claim to be certain “over-politics references”(C.)/ which are not in good taste(D.)/No error (E.)

8.) New Zealand have announced (A.)/a nine-member core team for next month’s limited over series (B.)/ against India with six players to be(C.)/ added later from their A side currently touring(D.)/No error(E.)

9.) With a number of our top guys (A.)/already playing in India(B.)/, it’s helpful to be able to (C.)/select the squad in two parts.(D.)/No error(E.)

10.) The start of the clash saw the controversial Kyrgios (A.)/briefly kneeling on the court in a gesture (B.)/which sparked speculation that he was joining the (C.)/ongoing protest against US President Donald Trump(D.)/No error (E).

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