Question of the day | Legal terms lists of the day September 29, 2018

Question of the day

Question: The Supreme Court held that evidence can be recorded by video-conferencing in the case

(a) State of Maharashtra v. Praful B. Desai

(b) Paramjit Kaur v. State of Punjab

(c) Pappu Yadav v. State of Bihar

(d) Bachan Singh v. the State of Punjab

Legal terms of the day

1. EX GRATIA –Out of kindness, voluntary.

2. EX PARTE –Proceeding brought by one person in the absence of another.

3. EX POST FACTO –By reason of a subsequent act.

4. FACTUM –An act or deed.

5. HABEAS CORPUS –Produce the body.


Today’s answer of the question: A

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