Question of the day | Legal terms lists September 24, 2018

Question of the day

Question: In law, the term ‘neighbour’ means-

(a) People who stay in your locality

(b) People who live adjoining to your residence

(c) People who might be affected by your actions

(d) The word has not been given any particular definition

Legal terms of the day

1. RE –In the matter of.

2. RES –Matter, affair, thing, circumstance. Res judicata A thing adjudged is accepted for the truth.

3. AB INITIO –From the beginning

4. ACCESSORIUS SEQUITUR –An accessory to the crime cannot be guilty of a more serious crime than the principal offender.

5. ACTORI INCUMBIT ONUS PROBANDI- The burden of proof lies on the plaintiff.


Today’s answer of the day question: C


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