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‘Delegatus non potest delegare’ means


Principle: An injury caused by an activity within the statutory authority of an agency cannot give rise to a tort claim.

Facts: The road between Park Circus and Park Street in Kolkata has developed a series of potholes and around half a day's work is required to repair it. The Municipal Corporation of Kolkata blocks off the road and repairs it from 8 am to 6 pm. As a result of the blockage, several people are late for work. Some of them particularly suffer tremendous loss as they are late for an important meeting. They bring a suit for nuisance against the MCK. Will they succeed?



(i) A contract is made by undue influence when one party to the contract is in a position to dominate the other's other will and causes the other party to enter into the contract.

(ii) A contract induced by undue influence is voidable by the party subjected to undue Influence.

Facts: A man weakened by age and disease agrees to pay his medical attendant an unreasonable sum for his services, as a result of his influence over the old man. Can the old man avoid the contract?


Principle: Even if the sovereign functions of the State are discharged negligently, the State is not vicariously liable in tort.

Facts: A was a trader in gold. He was arrested by police and several articles, including gold were seized by the police and kept in the malkhana. Later he was discharged and his things were returned to him except gold which was stolen from the malkhana .  Is the State liable?


Ceteris Paribus means :


Under the Eighth Schedule, how many languages are mentioned?


Principle: Frustration of contract means happening of an event by which the contract becomes impossible of performance. Such a contract becomes void upon the happening of an impossible event.

Facts: A contracts to take in cargo for B at a foreign port. A's Government afterwards declares war against B's country. Does the contract become void on declaration of war?


Principle: Any act done in good faith without the consent of another person and for his benefit is not an offence. He must not intend to commit an offence.

Facts: Z is thrown from his horse and is unconscious. A, a surgeon finds that Z needs to be operated upon  immediately. A, not intending to cause Z's death performs the surgery as a result of which Z dies. Is A guilty of any offence?


According to the Constitution, under Article 18(1), no title shall be conferred by the State except:



(i) No fault liability means liability of a person even without any negligent act on his part and even if he has taken due care and caution.

(ii) If a person brings and keeps any dangerous thing on his land, then he is liable for any damage caused if the thing escapes.

Facts : A branch of tree growing on A's land overhanging on the highway suddenly fell on B's vehicle passing along the highway. A was careful with pruning the branches as and when it was required. B sued A for damages. Is B liable?

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