Computer Awareness Previous Questions (IBPS Clerk Mains 2016)

Q1. The scrambling of code is known as:

(a) Encryption

(b) Firewalling

(c) Scrambling

(d) Deception

(e) Permuting


Q2. Which is the full form of VoIP?

(a) Voice of Internet Power

(b) Voice over Internet Protocol

(c) Voice on Internet Protocol

(d) Very optimized Internet Protocol

(e) Very official internet Protocol


Q3. Why do you log off from your computer when going out from your office?

(a) Someone might steal your files, passwords etc.

(b) In order to save electricity

(c) logging off is essential to increase performance

(d) logging off is mandatory you before go out

(e) logging off is a good exercise to perform regularly


Q4. Which of the following is not responsible for the performance of the computer?

(a) no of keys in the keyboard

(b) name of the video/graphics card

(c) memory in the video/graphics card

(d) the clock  speed of the processor

(e) no of cores available in the processor


Q5. Which of the following is used to access a file from the computer store:

(a) insert

(b) retrieve

(c) file

(d) print

(e) find


Q6. Hard drive is used to store :

(a) volatile data

(b) non volatile data

(c) permanent data

(d) temporary data

(e) intermediate data


Q7. Which of the following is the combination of numbers, alphabets along with username used to get access to a user account?

(a) password

(b) username

(c) title name

(d) host-id

(e) screen name


Q8. Which of the following is the type of software that has self-replicating software that causes damage to files and system?

(a) Viruses

(b) Trojan horses

(c) Bots

(d) Worms

(e) Backdoors


Q9. _______is used for very large files or where a fast response time is not critical. The files to be transmitted are gathered over a period and then send together as a batch.

(a) Batch processing 

(b) Online processing

(c) File processing

(d) Data processing

(e) Text processing


Q10.Which of the following system is a function of dedicated PCs?

(a) meant for a single user

(b) meant for the single task   

(c) deal with single software

(d) deal with only editing

(e) deal for music purpose


Q11.What can possibly be the drawback of e-mails?

(a) emails requires being physically  delivered to the user

(b) emails infects computer.

(c) emails are very expensive to transmit

(d) emails are slow to load

(e) people don’t  check emails regularly


Q12.Which of the following is a valid email address?







Q13.Which of the following character set supports Japanese and Chinese font?



(c) BCD


(e) Unicode


Q14.What is the full form of RTF?

(a) Richer Text Formatting

(b) Rich Text Format

(c) Right Text Fishing

(d) Right Text Font

(e) Rich Text Font


Q15.Which of the following is the text alignment available in word processing software that adjusts the left margin while keeping the right margin in any way?

(a) Justify

(b) Left Justify

(c) Right Justify

(d) Centre

(e) Orientation


Q16.Which of the following is false about the clock of the system?

(a) It is the property of the toolbar

(b) The system can periodically refresh the time by synchronizing with a time source

(c) System time is the current date and time of day.

(d) The system keeps time so that your applications have ready access to accurate time.

(e) The system bases system time on coordinated universal time (UTC).


Q17.Which of the following are properties of USB?

(a) Platform independent

(b) Platform dependent

(c) Source dependent

(d) Software dependent

(e) Software independent


Q18.An act of sending e-mails or creating web pages that are designed to collect an individual’s online bank, credit card, or other login information?

(a) Phishing

(b) Spam

(c) hacking

(d) cracking

(e) Malware


Q19.Which of the following is the organized collection of large amount of interrelated data stored in a meaningfully way used for manipulation and updating?

(a) Database

(b) File

(c) Folder

(d) Data-mining

(e) Data source


Q20.Which among the following cycle consists of an Input, processing, output and storage as its constituents?

(a) Processing

(b) Output

(c) Input

(d) Storage

(e) Data