Career option after Hotel Management

In the last article we had a glance as to why one should select Hotel Management as a career option. First of all this is a very fresh and creative career option. After graduation in Hotel Management one can go for their career in hotels across the world for their career enhancement. Airlines, clubs, cruise ships, hospital administration and catering are a few of them, we can name where one can be sure of placement after their graduation.

Catering department of railways, banks, armed forces, catering institutions & self employment are the budding areas where we see young people being placed after graduation and they are doing really well. Even banks, FIIs, insurance & retail sector prefer hospitable, groomed, communicable & highly service oriented professionals for their industries which lead to multiple job opportunities for an individual looking forward to Hotel Management as a career option.

Various courses that can help an individual learn the most important things and pursue the best future option for them are :

1) Bachelor in Hotel Management : This helps one in learning communication skills, food production, housekeeping, front end operations, management skills, accounting, business law, nutrition & food science, business ethics, HRM, event management, public relations, travel management & entrepreneurial skills.

2) Diploma in Hotel Management : This course will enhance the skills in front office operations, management skills, Human Resource Management, food production & nutrition, principles of Hotel & tourism Management.

3) BSC in Hotel Management & catering : It includes the courses mentioned above in bachelor and diploma.

4) BBA in Hotel Management : This also includes the same covering advertising and promoting skills.

The purpose of giving a brief overview about the courses was to aware the aspiring students about the learning process and how the specialization helps in being a perfectionist and thus grabbing opportunities with both the hands in future. The Hotel Management Industry is not given that much importance but in the upcoming years this will provide a strong platform for the aspiring students. As this industry is understaffed, they are quickly absorbing young talents and thus placement becomes certain. If one is loyal and efficient in his/her hard work and perseverance, one can get placed even in 5-star hotels & in government sectors like railway, tourism etc.

Shrevshi Bhattacharya

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